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Check here regularly for current articles and news items related to Central Arizona Butterfly Association, conservation and nature. If you see an interesting article please let one of our board members know and we will post it here

3/22/2017      Guided butterfly walks at Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Our guided butterfly walks at Boyce Thompson Arboretum will start this year at the Visitor Center at 9 am on Saturday May 27 with Dr. Ron Rutowski and Saturday June 24 at 8:30 am with Marceline Vandewater. Dr. Ron Rutowski will lead again on July 22 and Aug 26 at 8:30 am, and Adriane Grimaldi on Sep 23 at 9 am, and Oct 21 at 9:30 am. These educational walks are included with regular daily admission of $12.50 for adults or $5 for ages 5-12. Children younger than age five will be admitted at no charge. read more »

3/22/2017      Put your garden on the map by certifying it with NABA!

Providing garden resources such as caterpillar host plants and adult nectar sources will not only attract but increase the production of butterflies, bees and other wildlife. You'll be amazed by the sheer number and uniqueness of wildlife that will visit the vegetation you steward and remain to reproduce there. Increasing development and excessive pesticide use has made creation of oases for pollinators critical. Get your garden certified! Together we can make the world a better place for butterflies and human beings at the same time. read more »

1/12/2017      In Memoriam: Dr. Ray Thomas MD

Ray Thomas was born in Dayton, Ohio May 16th 1921. Died December 21st 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona at the age of 95. Ray served in the Army 12th Air Force in the China- Burma- India theater Air Cargo during WWII. He was appointed chairman of the General Practice Department at St. Joseph’s Hospital where he later served on the teaching staff. An avid hunter, SCUBA diver & pioneer of underwater photography and movies, Ray was also a passionate and educated collector of butterflies, artifacts, pressing irons & rocks. His zest for life inspired everyone lucky enough to know him. We will have a musical celebration of his life on Monday Jan. 16, 6 to 9 PM. at the Beatitudes Campus Life Center at 1610 W. Glendale Ave. Phoenix., AZ 85021. Friends and family are invited to come & share memories. Dress is casual. read more »

12/7/2016      NABA launches continent-wide Butterfly Habitat Network (BHN)!

The North American Butterfly Association (NABA) is launching the Butterfly Habitat Network (BHN); a new, continent-wide conservation initiative and would love to have your help. Using decades of accumulated knowledge from butterfly count data, natural history investigations, our residential gardening program and regional activities accomplished by the National Butterfly Center and more; NABA is scaling-up efforts to protect, enhance and create habitat specifically for butterflies. read more »

10/25/2016      CAzBA 2017 Calendar hot from the press!

Calendars are $10 each. The sales help CAZBA’s mission of butterfly education, research and appreciation across the Grand Canyon State. This is a small (8 X 6.5 inches) high quality calendar, featuring full color photos of butterflies with such exotic names as the Juniper 'Siva' Hairstreak photographed by Susan Beebe, Nais Metalmark by Marcus Watson, or Silvery Blues by Joyce Peters. Need a 2017 calendar; or maybe a thoughtful gift for a friend who loves butterflies? The calendar is available at CAzBA meetings, at the BTA gift shop, and can be mail ordered (email Laura Miller: Lmiller133@cox.net , $10 plus shipping (about $1.50). read more »

10/17/2016      CAzBA Members Garden Tour again a success!

CAzBA Members Garden Tour 2016 was well attended! It's very motivating to see what other people have planted in their butterfly gardens... besides host- & nectar plants and water features, we also admired some great vegetable gardens.. several seeds and plant cuttings were handed out, and of course we socialized:)! Thank you Shirley & Phil, and Ron L. for opening up your garden to us today:)!! read more »

10/4/2016      NABA Biennial Meeting 2016 in Mission Texas!

It only happens every 6 years! This year, the Texas Butterfly Festival will also be the NABA Biennial Members Meeting. Join NABA October 29th, when we will kick off our annual celebration of butterflies across the Rio Grande Valley. read more »

9/10/2016      10th Annual BTA Butterfly Count results

Central Arizona Butterfly Association's 10th Annual BTA tally on September 10 was a day with beautiful warm weather and ten count volunteers who counted and identified butterflies on the grounds and gardens of BTA, in the town of Superior, along the AZ Trail at the foot of Picketpost Mountain, and in and around Oak Flat seven miles East of the Arboretum. This year we observed a total of 36 species of butterflies which was more or less similar to the number seen in previous years although the largest number of species seen was 55 on the 2010 count. This year we saw an impressive 1084 individual butterflies, which was up from the 515 individual butterflies tallied the during our 2015 count. As in previous years, the most abundant species were the American Snout, Queen, Empress Leilia, Sleepy Orange, Cloudless Sulphur, and Pipevine Swallowtail. The most individual butterflies was seen on the grounds of BTA (with 512 individuals, and 17 species). However, the AZ Trailhead also produced a large number of individuals (486) and the largest number of species (22). Oak Flat was not well populated with butterflies this year, only 86 seen (19 species), perhaps because it was so dry and there were so few flowers. read more »

8/18/2016      Is an avocado boycott required to save the Monarchs?

"Given that Michoacan's forests contain much of the wintering grounds of the monarch butterfly, the deforestation is more than just an academic issue. Authorities have already detected small avocado plots in the monarchs' reserve where farmers have cut down pine forest". read more »

7/23/2016      Field Trip Report: Aspen Corner, Flagstaff by Marianne Jensen

July 23rd’s outing to Aspen Corner off Snowbowl Road in Flagstaff proved to be a wonderful break from the Valley heat. Pine and Aspen forests, meadows and a tank were full of activity. Although we had a slow beginning because of clouds, the twelve of us ended up spotting 18 species. Besides looking for butterflies, there were plenty of other critters to entertain us. The berm at the tank with wonderful views of the Mountains reflected in the water was a perfect place to have our snacks. Butterflies: Northwestern (Atlantis) Fritillary, Weidemeyer's Admiral, Western Tiger Swallowtail, Mourning Cloak, Hoary Comma, Melissa Blue (a 1st for many! photo by Marianne Jensen), Boisduval’s Blue, Reakirt’s Blue, Silvery Blue, Greenish Blue, Marine Blue, Spring Azure, Afranius Duskywing, Meridian Duskywing, Taxiles Skipper, Garita Skipperling, Dainty Sulphur, Orange Sulphur.. Day Flying Moths: Veined Ctenucha Moth, Police Car Moth Flies: Orange Tachinid Fly, Yellow-belted Tachinid Fly Insects: Pleasing Fungus Beetle, Tiger Beetle Aquatic: Arizona Tree Frog, Tiger Salamander larvae (ID thanks to Ron) Reptiles: Short-horned Lizard read more »