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Sycamore Canyon, Santa Cruz Co.

On the border with Mexico, a beautiful remote canyon loaded with butterflies and birds runs South . It is about a 3 hours and 15 minutes drive from Phoenix, with the last 9 miles on a dirt road not allowing speeds faster than 25 mph. However: the proximity to Mexico makes it worth while the drive! Besides lots of regular butterflies and in particular an abundance of sulphurs, September and October has its share of rare influx species. Last year on the CAzBA fieldtrip, 2 Common Mestras were seen and on this past October fieldtrip, several White-striped Longtails and and an Elf (pictured) were discovered!

Directions to Sycamore Canyon: Drive down to Tucson on the I-10, take the I-19 to Nogales. 8 miles north of the border, take Ruby Rd. (exit 12) to Pena Blanca Lake and go west. After 9 miles you’ll see a sign for Pena Blanca Lake. Go left and follow the road (now turning into dirt) for another 9 miles, untill you see the sign Sycamore Canyon pointing left. Drive through the dry wash and park under the tall trees.

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